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Current prices / valid from 05.07.2022

Name of service
Gross price (in HUF)
Chalet-type research accommodation with 2-3 bed, bathroom, heated rooms. Possibility to use the kitchen, common fridge and television in the corridor. The rooms are available all year round. Extra beds are not available. Total capacity: 16 people
10.000 HUF/room/night
Summer research accommodation for 4 people, with rooms with bunk beds, without heating. Water block at the end of the building. It is advisable to use these rooms outside the heating season (summer).
1.800 HUF/head/night
Conference room
25.400 HUF/day
Inner courtyard rental
15.000 HUF/day (up to 40 people)
Use of equipment (dishes, cutlery, etc.)
6.350 HUF/occasion
Presentation of the farm with a tour (Prior consultation required!)
by separate arrangement, sending price quotes to groups.

We reserve the right to change prices.

About dining options:
When using the guest rooms, the guest kitchen and outdoor cooking and baking equipment can be used free of charge.
There is no grocery store on the farm, but there are several in Kesznyéten (approx. 1.5 km).

Feel free to contact us if you have any other needs, planning special events or programs, we will discuss!

More information: info@tiszatajkozalapitvany.hu

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