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We said goodbye to storks in the frame of open family day

We were able to celebrate our highly protected birds, the white storks, in bright sunshine at our themed open day "Farewell to Storks" organized on 19/08/2023 in the Szamárhát Visitor Center in Kesznyéten, during which we also symbolically said goodbye to the individuals breeding in Hungary and their offspring, because according to observations, August 20 in our country these lovely birds gather around us, and soon they will set off to spend the coming winter in Africa, which is much warmer than here.

Visitors to the event were able to learn many interesting facts about the lifestyle and migration of the white stork, the research methods and results related to the species, the factors that endanger storks, as well as stork protection activities from the presentation of Károly Nagy, head of the Nyíregyháza Monitoring Center of the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association (MME).

In the yard, we awaited young and old with "stroky" games, crafts, and archery as well, and the more skilled ones even had the opportunity to try stilt walking. Fans of traditional flavors could have gray beef goulash cooked in a "bogrács" for lunch, and then, as part of a guided demonstration walk, those interested could get to know the ancient Hungarian domestic animal breeds kept in our demonstration farm, the management methods of our organization for the purpose of nature conservation, as well as the wild animals that use the farm's buildings, facilities, dens, and artificial nests , with species to be protected.

Some snapshots from the event:

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