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Kesznyéten Protected Landscape Area

Meadow with meadow buttercup Eutrophicating oxbow lake

You find the more than 6,000 hectares territory of the Kesznyéten Protected Landscape Area 36 kilometers far from Miskolc and 6 kilometers far from Tiszaújváros. Long ago it was in the meeting point of River Sajó and Hungary's second largest river, the Tisza, which was unregulated at that time. River Takta and the Hernád Canal flow into the Sajó nearby, which empties into the Tisza some kilometers far from the former estuary.

The rivers supplied people living here with fish and rank pastures for the stock-raising. The village Kesznyéten, due to many hectares of washland meadows and fields surrounded, was famous for its traditional pasturing stock-raising in the last centuries.

The aim to declare the area's protection in 1990 was the preservation of the fringing forests, the bush osieries, the reeds, the marshes and the flora and fauna of the loop lakes rich in species, as well as the lanpscape values that were all created during the regulation of the River Tisza.

Visitors may enjoy the view here as such rare and special plants as the summer snowflake, greater spearwort, Tisza marguerite, lady's bower, autumn bellflower, gorgeous orchis, bleary irises, greyhound orchis, white water-lily, fairy indusium.

Tisza marguerites Bellflower

The most spectacular representatives of the fauna are the birds. The Protected Landscape Area is a home for one of the biggest colonies of cranes, in which big and small egrets, quawks, red and grey herons are nesting. Bitterns, with a resounding voice in the evenings, nest here sparsely, summer geese is becoming more and more common. In the end of summer, when they gather, you may see huge colonies of colorful bee-eater. Great number of black storks can be observed in the areas of open water swamps and trenches.

Great egret Black stork Europian bee-eaters

As an excellent starting point to explore the Kesznyéten Protected Landscape Area, you find the Visitors' Centre and Demonstration Farm at the place called Szamárhát ("Donkey's back") at the border of the settlement Kesznyéten. The Visitors' Centre was built and is run by the Tiszatáj Public Foundation for Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation.